How to Add the Official Twitter Follow Button to Your Website

Adding Twitter Follow Button on your website makes it easy for your visitors to find your profile and follow you on Twitter directly with just a click. This will allow you to have more followers, more users, more traffic, and more engagement to your website.

What is this button do? When people click on this button, they will be able to see your twitter account information such as following/follower and a few Tweets, and then they can follow you on Twitter.

The following instruction will show you how to add this button to your website:

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account

Step 2: Go to

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How to customize your WordPress 404 page

You work hard to make sure every link on your website is accessible and working. However, there is still a chance that your visitors click on a non-exist link on your website and come to the 404 Error page not found page

Your visitors get lost and exit your website. Your visitors didn’t find what they want and you lost visitors.

Instead of presenting a default 404 Error page not found or none at all (if your theme does not have one), it is better to customize your 404 Error page to provide your visitors useful information. Ultimately, this will reduce your bounce rate.

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How to change your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin

For any reason, you can’t access to your WordPress admin dashboard and you can’t reset your password using the WordPress UI interface. You lose control your WordPress site.

In this article, we will show you, how you can reset your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin interface. The steps are quick and easy to follow:

Step 1: Login to your phpMyAdmin dashboard

Step 2: Click on your WordPress database -> wp_users ->click on edit (the row with your WordPress username)

Update WordPress Admin Password using phpMyAdmin

Step 3: In the user_pass, change the function to MD5 and the value to your new password, then click Go

Now you should be able to login to your WordPress using your new password.

SEO Friendly URL Structure

According to Google, your website URL structure is displayed in a breadcrumbs-like format on mobile search result.

This is to help mobile searchers to understand your website better. Having a well URL structure is important. If you are using WordPress and your site is new, you should update your permalink to use the following link structure


To update your permalink, you can login and update at “Settings -> Permalinks” as follow and click “Save Changes

WordPress Custom Structure

HTML5 Market Share

While updating this website to support HTML5, I was wondering how much visitors will this update support. I did a quick research and came to an interesting statistics. HTML5 currently has a market share of 75.5% and it is adapted rapidly. You can also check it by yourself here

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