WHQL stands for Windows Hardware Quality Labs, which is a certification process developed by Microsoft to ensure that drivers and hardware are compatible with Windows operating systems. WHQL certified drivers have undergone a series of tests to ensure their compatibility, stability, and reliability with Windows.

A regular driver, on the other hand, may not have undergone this certification process and may not have been tested for compatibility with Windows operating systems. Regular drivers may also come from a variety of sources, including the hardware manufacturer’s website or third-party websites.

In general, WHQL certified drivers are more reliable and less likely to cause problems with your system. However, there may be cases where a regular driver works better for your specific hardware configuration.

It’s always a good idea to check whether your hardware manufacturer provides WHQL certified drivers for your device, and if so, to use those drivers. However, if no WHQL certified drivers are available, you can try using regular drivers but be aware that there may be some risks involved.