1. Create and mount the volume
    • Create volume:
      • Hardware -> Logical Volume Management -> Logical Volumes -> Create a logical volume in Media-server-vg (your server name)
      • Volume name: ServerData, Click “Create
      • Click on that newly created volume, make sure the drop down selected Linux Native (ext3) and click the Create filesystem of type, Click Create again to create a new empty partition.
    • Mount volume
      • System -> Disk and Network Filesystems
      • Select Linux Native Filesystem (ext3)/New Linux Native Filesystem (ext4) from drop down, and click on “Add mount
      • Select /media or/mnt for Mounted as and then type to finish it as “/media/ServerData” , then click OK
      • Check “LVM logical volume” and select your newly created Logical Volume for Linux Native Filesystem
      • Click “Create“. Your drive is ready to use.
    • Format the volume
  2. Add additional drives
    • Hardware -> Partitions on Local Disks -> select the new “Disk name” – > click on Add primary partition -> Create. You have just created the partition
    • To format, click on your newly created partition -> click on Create Filesystem with the option Linux Native selected -> click Create Filesystem -> Create Create Filesystem.
    • To mount, you did the same as above except this time, you select “Partition with ID” instead of “LVM logical volume“.