How to Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress

Adding a Facebook Like button to your WordPress website will allow your visitors to like and share your content on Facebook. You can add this Facebook Like button with this plugin or manually modify your template. In this article, we will show you how to do it by adding it to your WordPress template manually.

Step 1: Open the Facebook Like button configuration page

Step 2: Scroll down to “Like Button Configurator” to configure your Facebook Like button layout and size. You can leave the “URL to Like” box empty. The URL will be dynamically generated when a user click like

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How to access localhost from mobile device

When you are designing your mobile compatible website on your local environment, you may want to test your website on your mobile device. This is to make sure it works on mobile devices before you deploy it to a live or production environment.

Many time, you just have to enter the IP address of your machine into your mobile browser and it works. But sometimes, you may have to configure your Windows Firewall, or Apache Server to make it work.

The following instruction will make sure you can access to your localhost on Windows from your mobile devices.

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How to change the WordPress default media folder

By default, your WordPress upload folder is located at wp-content/uploads. Every time, you upload an image, your image will be uploaded to wp-content/uploads. You can change this default location by modifying your wp-config.php file:


require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');

Add the following code before the above line:

define('UPLOADS', 'yourNewImagesPath');

Now, every time you upload an image within your WordPress admin dashboard, your image will be saved at your new location.

How to add free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt to WordPress on AWS

Adding SSL certificates to your website is now important. This will enable your visitors to communicate with your website securely. Since Google now consider SSL as one of its ranking factors, this implementation will help improve your SEO ranking.

The following instruction is for WordPress site on AWS that was deployed using Bitnami stack.

Step 1: Login to your AWS server using a SSH client

Step 2: Install Git

sudo apt-get install git
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